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How to Use

Most women manage to have success with Vcup on the first try. However, for others it may take a few days or a few cycles to get the process of inserting right as we all are aware of the fact that while using something new it is normal to take some time to get adjusted.

Step 1: Clean and sterilize Vcup

It is recommended to sterilize the Vcup before using it for the first time. Clean your hands before using Vcup. Open the package of the product and check whether the air holes at the top of the Vcup is open. Then cleanse the Vcup by using water and a mild soap. Now you can start sterilizing the product by boiling a large amount of water in a deep pan and immersing Vcup in the boiling water for more than 10 minutes. You can ensure that Vcup does not get burned by keeping it away from getting in contact with the bottom of the pan during the boiling process by suspending it in the water using a string or a wire whisk.

Step 2: Fold the Vcup for Insertion

For an easy and comfortable insertion of the menstrual cup, you have to fold the product in any of the folding techniques illustrated below. Fold the Vcup in any of these manners comfortable for you.

Step 3: Holding the Fold Securely

Now you should carefully hold the Vcup firmly in its folded position and can guide it rim-first into the vagina.

Step 4: Inserting the Vcup

The carefully folded Vcup can be inserted into the vagina while you are sitting, standing or squatting with spreading your legs a bit. The menstrual cup is positioned in the lower part of the vagina, just beyond the pelvic bone and a bit of practice will make you find the correct position to perfectly match your personal anatomy. After inserting the cup, please rotate it a bit to make sure that the cup is opened properly and will not cause any leakage

Step 5: Removing the Vcup

Removing the Vcup from your vagina is as easy as the insertion process. First sanitize your hand with soap and water and then gently relax your vaginal muscles. Using your fingers squeeze the bottom part of the cup which will help to break the seal with an audible suction release. Now pull down the cup with gentle side to side rocking motion. Make sure that you are pulling the cup while pinching the ridged bottom of the cup and not pulling it out by the tab alone. Pulling the cup by pinching the ridged bottom will ensure that the contents are not spilled and there is no pain while removing the Vcup. Make sure that your nails are not causing any damage to the cup while pulling. After removing the cup you can clean it by tipping out the contents into the toilet.

Step 6: Cleaning & Reusing the Vcup

Once used you can easily clean the Vcup first by rinsing it in cold water. This will remove any menstrual blood and will ensure that the cup is not stained or has any odor. Now thoroughly wash the cup in soapy warm water. Make sure no strong detergents are used in this process. Note: If you find yourselves in a situation where water is unavailable while cleaning the cup, you can wipe the cup cleanly either using toilet paper, disinfecting wipe, coin tissue or the hand sanitizer pen provided with the Vcup.

How to carefully store the Vcup

When you are finished with the use of Vcup it has to be stored properly until your next period by giving it a thorough wash. Clean the Vcup and use the cotton bag provided for storing. Make sure you are not using a plastic bag or a sealed container for storing the Vcup. You can take care of Vcup between each use by cleaning with water and a mild soap. Sterilizing the Vcup by immersing it in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes is recommended.

Different Folding Methods of VCup.

Some of the common methods of folding the VCup for insertion are “C-fold” or “Heart fold”, “Punch down fold” or “Shell fold” and “7 fold” or “Triangle fold”. You can choose to follow whichever method that you feels comfortable for you.


“C-fold” or “Heart fold”

This is the most basic form of folding the menstrual cup and is the most used method. This is the method of simply folding the cup in the form of a C shape by folding it vertically along middle. Even though this is the most simple method, sometimes using a C-fold can result in a too wide fold or difficulty in opening the cup after insertion.

fold_c_fold using-cup-3

“Punch down fold” or “Shell fold”

In this method the cup is pinched and folded resulting in a smaller folded cup for insertion.

fold_punch_down using-cup-5

“7 fold” or “Triangle fold”

This method is a combination of the vertical fold along the middle and pinching one side of the fold to create a very small folded cup. Some may find this fold to be a bit difficult to open when inserted.


Some Tips for smart and safe usage of the VCup

Always replace your VCup at the slightest notice of damage.

You should always remember that a menstrual cup is not a contraceptive device and cannot be used while engaging in sexual intercourse

Nor does the VCup protect its users from sexually transmitted diseases.

Always ensure that you use proper sanitation methods like thoroughly cleaning your hands while handling the VCup.

Do not use the VCup for more than 12 hours at a time without emptying and washing it properly

Always store your VCup in a clean, safe environment and away from children and pets